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Updated: Apr 28, 2020

At Aquamarine, we are always seeking to find adventures everywhere we go. We find it to be a productive use of our time, and especially amidst the current climate of a temporary societal shut down, it’s really all we can do. This month we went on a few excursions, one in particular was when we drove up Ortega Highway in search of the waterfalls. Surprisingly, none of us had been up to the falls before, but we figured since it had just rained, it would be the perfect time to go. It definitely was. The turnout is about three quarters of the way to Lake Elsinore so it took nearly an hour to get there, but it was absolutely worth it. We parked on the side of the highway and started trekking down one of the few open trails within the mountain. It was a fairly narrow pathway at the beginning, but eventually it opened up to steep rocks and a canyon. There was graffiti all over the first opening of the first waterfall series (see photo), where it became slightly more difficult to scale. We managed to get up to the main crest of the waterfall which wasn’t that much farther, and it radiated a sacred feeling of beauty and calmness. The water was so clear and sparkly, it seemed like you could drink from it—we didn’t really feel like taking that chance, though. Almost immediately we kicked our shoes off and stripped down to our bathing suits to walk through the small pond. Reagan and her brother, Jordan, went all the way under the waterfall while the rest of us watched in amusement. You could spend all day up there, utterly surrounded by nature in every direction. Though we didn’t really prepare to stay for long, we plan on going back in a week or so to spend more time exploring.

Going outside is extremely important, especially during such a dire time where the future is unforeseeable. Even if it’s taking a walk around the block, you'll be surprised about what you can learn about yourself and about nature. Let your mind slow down and disconnect to reconnect.

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