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Styling Overalls

Overalls are such a unique piece that everyone should have in their closet. There is no wrong way to go with overalls, and nearly everyone can pull them off. One of my favorite things about overalls is that they’re a completely gender-neutral piece, as well! The best places to get overalls are Depop, the thrift store (obviously), Dickies, and Levi’s. Although I had mentioned you can get overalls on online websites, please always try to shop sustainably as much as you can!<33

Bandana/ scarf tops are super unique when paired with overalls! You can tie bandana tops a number of ways, which can completely change an outfit. Bandanas are very easy to find, you can get them at basically any clothing store, but mine specifically is from Laura’s house thrift store in San Juan!

I absolutely adore vests with almost any outfit! If you’re looking to start getting into street style, this outfit is perfect for you. Just throw on your favorite basic, plain-colored tee, a pair of overalls, and any colored, zip-up vest and you’re good to go!

As Fall is coming, it is important we’re prepared for colder weather with stylish outfits. Sweaters are perfect to go over, or under your overalls! Patterned sweaters are perfect for this look, since Fall is all about patterns.

Although Summer is, unfortunately, coming to an end soon, luckily for us Socal inhabitants, it is mostly hot all year ‘round! This outfit is so so effortless but so extremely adorable and unique! Throw on your favorite bikini top, overalls, and a cute baseball cap of your choice, and you’re all set!!

- Paityn Black @paitynrose

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