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Püre Musica Interview

LikeWise: Marketing, Music, and Videos

Ben Cadden: Tech and Production

Maroon (MX): Management and Music

Nathan: Creative Direction, Videographer, and Photographer

Q: For those who don’t know, what is PURE Musica?

A: LikeWise- Pure itself embodies a lot of different things. At the core of it, it’s a group of people that share the same love for music and the desire to party in a healthy way. We really like to promote healthy living and that’s why we promote a lot of alternatives to, say, drugs and alcohol, because we feel that it has a bad stigma in the party scene. So that was our goal since the very beginning, we wanted to change that stigma--moving away from relying on drugs and alcohol and switching the focus more on the music and the production of the shows that we host.

Q: How did you guys first get into DJing?

A: Maroon- LikeWise and I [Maroon] first got into DJing by going to festivals, we used to like to sneak into festivals a lot. Just having all of those experiences especially with your closest friends, music just became the most important thing in our lives. We just realized we want to be the ones giving out that feeling to the people in the crowd. We want to spread that love. So we bought a mixing controller, our production software, and just started messing around.

Q: How did you guys come up with the idea to create this?

A: Nathan- It really just stemmed from, again, wanting to create something where you don’t need to be in an environment where you do drugs; a place where you can go to focus on the music and the production. As far as the name, we wanted to create something that just sounded clean, and PURE to us is really clean and goes with our message and what we want to convey to our audience. That’s why people resonate so much with PURE, because they know it’s an environment that’s judge-free, and everyone is so welcoming. All of the events so far, everyone has been so amazing, and the energy is so authentic.

Q: What are your guys’ goals for PURE Musica?

A: LikeWise- It’s an interesting time right now because of all the stuff going on. The future for everyone is just unclear, but we know that we want to continue doing shows, bringing people together, and we have a lot of plans with expanding the brand as far as our merch. We’re planning a really big merch drop in the near future and we’re also planning a new event ideally in California. We’re also planning on promoting our own personal artists at different events, just to promote our music even more. We believe that if our artist streak grows, PURE grows as well. Overtime we feel like PURE can be a really big staple in the EDM industry, especially in the U.S. so that’s what we’re excited about because we feel a very strong connection to the youth and that’s what we want to capitalize on.

Q: Where has your favorite set been?

A: Maroon- Honestly every time we do a set, it gets better and better and crazier every single time. So more than often when someone asks us that question, it’s the most recent set, because we put in the most effort and the best production, essentially. So I would say the Los Angeles set for sure.

Q: How was the Pure Roadtrip, and can we expect anything like that from you guys in the future?

A: Nathan- Yeah, we’re definitely going to do more roadtrips. The roadtrip to us was so pivotal in our journey, especially in the beginning. Gaining that experience and traveling through different cities together, not only did we all get closer, but musically and performing wise, we definitely seen since the first city we hit which was Josha Tree, to the last in Santa Barbara, the growth we all made together was amazing.

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