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The Ranch at Laguna Beach

This is The Ranch at Laguna Beach, peacefully nestled in the canyon of this beautiful coastal town. You can lounge in the sun and explore some of the most beautiful beaches on Earth during your stay at one of six National Geographic Unique Lodges in the United States. NatGeo awarded The Ranch at Laguna Beach this coveted title for their exquisite location featuring stunning rock formations, untouched wildlife, and ravishing scenery. The Ranch prides itself in doing their part in preserving the environment as they completely avoid single use plastics, compost their food waste, use sustainable brands throughout the hotel, and support local food suppliers as well as local artists. Throughout the property you can discover many immaculate art pieces created by Laguna Beach’s finest artists.

The Ranch offers many amenities and activities for their guests, one of them being their lush, 9-hole golf course. The course stretches through the vast canyon featuring challenging holes that cross over the Aliso Woods Creek and provides mesmerizing scenery. Our favorite style of golf on this course is a game The Ranch refers to as “Three Clubs Barefoot,” where the players wear boardshorts, t-shirts, and no shoes. They bring three of their favorite clubs and simply play for fun; not keeping score. This golf course is unique from any other as it is unlike most country club experiences--you’re embraced by the Southern California culture as you are surrounded by the peaceful, private canyon.

Scout Camp is The Ranch’s half acre fully organic garden nurtured by Farmer Leo and the Harvest Team. In the garden you can discover a bountiful variety of homegrown fruits, vegetables, and flowers.The Harvest Team utilizes waste from the Harvest Restaurant & Bar daily to create their own compost, which is added to the soil supplying important nutrients to the garden. Farmer Leo raises a few chickens on the Scout Camp grounds as well. These adorable chickens you can visit produce fresh eggs which are unfortunately not used in the restaurant due to FDA standards. We were gifted a few of these fresh eggs upon our visit and they were delicious! We admire the steps The Ranch takes toward environmental sustainability and the organic values in their very personal garden.

We truly enjoyed our time at the Ranch as we were immersed into a caring and welcoming atmosphere. The staff welcomed us in joyful spirits and sincerely desired us to experience Laguna Beach in all its glory. In the course of your stay you can enjoy the resort’s Pond Pool & Bar, Sycamore Spa (which we will review in detail later on), Harvest Patio and soon to be fire pits, Lost Pier Cafe located directly on the sand, golf course, and dazzling shores of Laguna Beach. Every beautiful room on the property is designed with the Southern California atmosphere in mind and features many local and sustainable brands. We can guarantee you will be thrilled with your stay and pleased with any of their wonderful amenities.

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