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The New Wave of Film

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Shooting film seems to be a lot like fashion: trends tend to repeat themselves. As portrayed in many editorials, blogs, photographer’s works, and even posts on Instagram, film is the new wave. Everyone is going out to buy disposable cameras; some even reminisce about the 20th century, thrifting for old film cameras so they can get their photos developed. But now that we have cell phones with instant photography, why would anyone want to go through all the trouble of shooting with film? What is it about film photography that young people find so attractive?

“Anyone can do it. Not everyone can dance or sing, but you don’t necessarily have to have that much prior experience to shoot film. Anyone can capture moments through time in a bottle.” - Justin You

Many photographers and photography lovers find something romantic about the process of their film being developed. They feel rewarded with a sense of gratitude as they can hold their photos in their hands.  

For those who don’t see the appeal in waiting for their photos to be developed but still want their photos to look like they were shot with a film camera, there are a ton of apps that can help you do that! We have put together a list of photo editing apps that we love and are easy to use.

David’s Disposable

Daze Cam

Dazz Cam


1998 Cam



by Cyrena Guyot

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